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Yelp San Francisco Reviews

“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Hyde. His treatment was virtually painless and the results were tremendous. Far better than what I had experienced in San Francisco a few year back. Dr. Hyde may not be warm and fuzzy but he is kind and gentle. He has spent allot of time perfecting his technique and his results are outstanding. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone”
Marsha D., Alamo, CA

“Dr. Hyde is a true leader in his field, pioneering EVLT, and his work is outstanding. A thoughtful and detail oriented physician – I recommend him to all my friends. You will not be disappointed!”
Alison R. , San Francisco, CA

“I saw Dr Hyde in his new San Francisco office and he worked on some pelvic and upper leg veins, wow…They feel so much better and look fabulous! Thanks Dr. Hyde!”
J.W. , Concord, CA

“I continue to receive treatment from Dr. Hyde for my varicose veins condition. As always, he is upfront, communicative, and intuitive. He is a pioneer of the endovenous laser treatment which has a much higher success rate than the traditional stripping treatment which is still being practiced by many HMOs. I had undergone this process three times before coming to Dr. Hyde and a year or so after surgery the situation recurred. This newer treatment has only been around for approximately a decade. It is fairly non-invasive and pain-free. Dr. Hyde always explains to the patient what he is doing as he goes so the patient is never out of the loop. Accompanying Dr. Hyde is a staff that are exceptionally professional, communicative,and supportive. I highly recommend anyone with this condition making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Hyde at either of his two locations-Walnut Creek or San Francisco.”
Michael C , Fremont, CA

“Dr. Hyde is amazing! He is not only very thorough and professional, he has a wonderful bedside manner and truly wants to improve your quality of life with his treatments. He is efficient, affordable, and really cares about his patients and the end results. He also has a warm and friendly staff—they are always available to answer questions or concerns and they will squeeze you in if needed! Whether your concerns are small or major, I highly recommend giving Dr. Hyde a call–you will want to keep his # handy!”
Erin A. , Oakland, CA

“Well, I will let you in on a secret, but you mustn’t tell anyone! I have a problem with little spider veins and they just won’t leave me alone. I have had to have them dismissed from class 3 times now…but finally I found the master! It’s Dr. Hyde! If i could give him 6 stars, I would…this doctor is absolutely superb. He is truly a leader in his field…a former anesthesiologist who has turned his attentions to veins…and clearly has a passion and perfection to his work that is at once reassuring and impressive. From his beautiful space in downtown SF to his thorough follow up instructions, everything about his practice is quality, quality, quality, yet remarkably affordable. I have a had a bad experience with incompetent treatment of spider veins before, so imagine my relief when within a few minutes I realized I was in the hands of a true expert. I know there will be pesky spider veins to banish again one day, and I will waste no time coming to Dr. Hyde. I have the utmost confidence in him and his work. I just wish I had found him years ago!”
Joanne M. , San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Hyde treated my spider veins on my ankles and the back of my legs with wonderful results. He and his staff were very professional. Dr. Hyde explained all procedures in detail for my thorough understanding of the process, what to expect and after-care. I’m very pleased with the outcome.”
Jamra S. , San Rafael, CA

“I recently visited Dr. Hyde’s office to receive treatment for a few spider veins on my upper thighs. I was given a thorough consultation by Doctor Hyde and he made sure I was fully informed about the procedure and costs before I made a decision. I found the prices to be reasonable and the atmosphere professional and inviting. Normally I dread walking into a doctor’s office but Doctor Hyde and his staff created a comfortable environment. I decided to go through with the procedure. It was a quick and manageable and I was able to carry on through the rest of my day. I had amazing results and now no longer have to deal with embarrassing and unsightly veins. I only wish I had known about his practice earlier so I wouldn’t have had to endure several years with these hideous spider veins.”
Claire R. , Walnut Creek, CA

“I went to see Dr. Hyde for unsightly veins on my breast. In the initial consultation he explains the procedure and answers all your questions thoroughly. Therefore, I made my decision well informed and confident. He and his staff made me feel comfortable during the procedure and followed up with me that evening with a phone call from Dr. Hyde. My experience from start to finish was wonderful AND I am happy to report that all my veins are gone! If you are considering this procedure, ‘RUN don’t walk’ to see Dr. Hyde! You will get an honest and professional evaluation with no pressure or surprises. Best of all, the results will amaze you!”
T.H. , San Francisco, CA

“I saw Dr. Hyde in Jan. for multiple spider veins and more serious veins. I was extremely pleased with the results so much i didn’t need and additional treatment. I highly recommend his services and will go back in the future if need be.”
Tamara S., Sausalito, CA

“I went back to see Dr. Hyde on Wednesday, to get more treatment on my spider veins. I’ve been a patient of his for a few years, and will continue to only have him treat my veins. I trust his work and his expertise. There are a lot of places offering to treat veins, but many of them are not qualified, nor specialized in this area. Dr. Hyde does cutting edge work, uses the latest technology, and has the nicest staff ever! I’ve been super happy with my results, and will recommend him to anyone. Keep up the good work, Dr. Hyde!”
Patrick V., San Jose, CA

“Dr. Nicholas Hyde is a fantastic doctor who worked wonders on my legs and got rid of the tiny, as well as the bigger veins in my legs. Now they look great! I have been going back to him for annual maintenance and will continue to do so to keep my legs looking in tip top condition!!! I am so glad he’s opened an office near Union Square.”
Irene J., Belvedere Tiburon, CA

“Just took my final photos with Dr. Hyde at his new San Francisco office. I was delighted with the results. He treated my varicose veins and I was able to avoid the stripping and ligation surgery like my mother had to endure. I am back to jogging without leg pain. My appointments were always on time which is very important to me. His staff was lovely and they were able to work out my insurance company paying most of the charges. I’m really glad I did not have to go to a hospital for any of the procedures. I did not miss a single day of work. Kudos Dr. Hyde.”
Alaina B., Orinda, CA

Yelp Walnut Creek Reviews

“Dr.Hyde and his trained staff are amazing! They are professional, on time, and do an outstanding job on any vein issue. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services.”
Cindy K., Lafayette, CA

“Dr Hyde did a great job treating my medically necessary varicose veins issue and I have the utmost confidence in him and his staff of nurses. I was very pleased by how he talked me through the procedures and particularly appreciated the follow up calls to see how I was doing in the days after the procedures. He has a very professional bedside manner which personally put me at ease. I think his concern for my comfort was genuine. His office is very modern without being flash – high standard of recent equipment and everything very clean. My insurance approved my laser procedure relatively quickly and Dr Hyde was good about having convenient Saturday appointments. I really would highly recommend him and his staff.”
Bluebird T., Moraga, CA

“I am extremely pleased with Dr. Hyde and his professional staff. Dr. Hyde is considerate, professional and truly cares about his patients. I called recently which was a year later from my initial visit to see him as I thought I had some trapped blood. Upon an ultra sound, he discovered I had Bakers Cyst and recommended an ortho to see to take care of it. He did not charge me for that visit. He really does care and knows his stuff! I would highly recommend Dr. Hyde and of course, if I need further treatments I will see him. So far, after a year, my legs look wonderful and vein free. Thank you Dr. Hyde and staff!”
Kath D., Walnut Creek, CA

“I had a long history of various veins. I found Dr.Hyde on online and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Hyde appeared to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and a top level expert in his field. His expertise shined through when he explained what should/could be done and why and how long the treatment would take. It was a new experience for me. Overall I was very satisfied with the result. I got my young, healthy legs back. Thank you Dr. Hyde and your lovely assistants – Julie and Melissa. They are wonderful and supportive. All the BEST!!! I highly recommend Dr.Hyde’s services.”
Tatiana S., Livermore, CA

“Dr. Hyde is the greatest doctor. He’s a board certified anesthesiologist and he is also certified in phlebology(veins). He was highly recommended by my nurse esthetician friend, and she did all the research! Blondie is too busy Yelping to do research!! Dr. Hyde removed my friend’s spider veins and her legs look great. Don’t tell anyone, but Blondie had a few tiny spider veins and she was tired of looking at them, and so was her gynecologist! LOL Dr. Hyde is very smart, professional, funny and wonderful to talk to. He’s an expert in vein treatment. My first treatment was 20 minutes, and since I’m in the medical field, he let me watch. There’s nothing like watching your spiders disappear! I had 2 questions for him. When could I run, and could I wear my 4 inch heels that night? Hey, it was girl’s night out! He said I could run in 48 hours, and yes, I could wear my heels, along with the super duper compression stockings that he gave me. It actually looked pretty hot! I had to wear the stockings for a week, and I wear them to work now, since I’m on my feet all day. He left me a nice message later that evening, checking in, and reviewing the instructions. His staff is the best, he has a fabulous website, and he also has an office in San Francisco. He’s very reasonably priced and my legs are looking great. I just bought a pair of running shorts! Dr. Hyde treats his patients and their legs like gold!!”
Blondie R., Alamo, CA

“I have a very strong history of varicose veins in my family and received a consultation from Dr. Hyde at Elite Vein Specialists. Dr. Hyde is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the area of vein treatment as well as being an anesthesiologist which, of course, is a huge benefit. He took his time to explain every aspec t of the examination and was very professional. It was very thorough yet not overwhelming at all. My sister had three, very large, ropey, varicose veins treated by Dr. Hyde after an extremely painful pregnancy due to her varicose veins that presented in her second trimester of pregnancy. After her pregnancy, Dr. Hyde treated her varicose veins and she is now vein free and pain free and her legs look absolutely amazing!! She has nothing but great things to say about the practice and her treatment. I will absolutely see Dr. Hyde for all of my varicose and spider vein needs. He’s a miracle worker!!”
Courtney B., San Francisco, CA

“I have been seeing Dr. Hyde at Elite Vein Specialists for about the past 4 years. Before finding this practice, I had tried numerous other doctors but always felt unsatisfied with my treatment for the amount of money charged. Dr. Hyde does a thorough treatment after running tests and makes sure to ask each time if there are veins that particularly bother me. He has a gentle demeanor and his office staff his very friendly.”

“Came in for final post treatment photos and final ultrasound exam of my legs. Not only do my legs feel great but man the before and after photos were really impressive. I am just delighted with the results and I am running pain free again. Dr. Hyde and his great staff were always on time and very pleasant.”
Ned C., Walnut Creek, CA

“I just had Endo Laser Vein Treatment to eliminate a bulging varicose vein. Dr. Hyde is extremely knowledgeable in all vein care. I needed to have the treatment done quickly as my insurance was changing soon. He got an approval within 24 hours of my consultation. His office is very clean and efficient. I went back for several follow up visits and never waited more than 5 minutes. His two assistants Tammy and Courtney are wonderful!! Overall, a wonderful experience and I am so happy I had my vein taken care of.”
Beth V., Livermore, CA

“Dr. Hyde did a great job of getting rid of my ugly and painful post-pregnancy veins. I had others tell me I needed surgery and he had a non-invasive option that was WAY better. It was a much better result and I was up and walking minutes after he was done. There was no down time and my legs look great now. It’s immediate and almost painless (a few needle pokes) and the results are awesome. I would highly recommend consulting with Dr. Hyde before you go have surgery somewhere else!”
Nancy Z., Danville, CA

“I have continued to receive treatment from Dr. Hyde. As always, he is direct, intuitive, and communicative with his patients. He explains procedures as he goes so the patient is never left uninformed. He has since opened another office in San Francisco thus providing access to his services for individuals working in the city plus SF residents. Dr. Hyde is one of the pioneers of endovenous laser treatment in California which provides an improved strategy for dealing with varicose veins, spider veins, etc. The treatment is minimally invasive and relatively pain free. This is a viable alternative to the stripping method used by many of our HMOs. I would strongly urge any individual suffering from this condition to make an appointment with Dr. Hyde (either in Walnut Creek or San Francisco) for a consultation.”
Michael C., Fremont, CA

“I had dr. Hyde work on the veins on both of my hands and i was amazed at the results!! I was explained the procedure in detail and even received a phone call that evening checking to see how I was doing. I was very impressed by his professionalism and would definitely go back to him again!”
J.W., Concord, CA

“My experience with Dr. Hyde and his staff were excellent. I had treatments with varicose veins and spider veins in both legs. Dr. Hyde is very, very informative, goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable in understanding the different procedures and once he performs the treatment his follow up is outstanding. Dr. Hyde cares about his patients and that special quality is hard to find in a doctor these days! I am very happy with my legs and only wish I had known about Dr. Hyde years ago! Thank you!”
Carolyn P., Walnut Creek, CA

“I had a serious varicose vein problem on one leg, along with a moderate spider vein problem on both legs. About six months ago, I had these problems treated by Dr. Hyde, with very good results, and he was very good to work with. — Totally unexpected was the elimination of what had seemed to be a totally unrelated problem of serious nerve pain from my low back down through my knee on the leg with the varicose vein problem. This problem had begun to develop about 10 years ago and had gotten so severe that it had become a major crippling problem. I had been through numerous tests, including an MRI, and had seen at least five different specialists, none of whom were able to diagnose the problem. Beginning a few days after the initial laser treatment of my varicose vein, the problem just began to go away — within about six weeks it was totally gone. Nothing else changed during that time, and now after six months it is clear that the nerve pain problem is really gone. This is a wonderful outcome.”
Deanna P., Walnut Creek, CA

“I recently visited Dr. Hyde’s office to receive treatment for a few spider veins on my upper thighs. I was given a thorough consultation by Doctor Hyde and he made sure I was fully informed about the procedure and costs before I made a decision. I found the prices to be reasonable and the atmosphere professional and inviting. Normally I dread walking into a doctors office but Doctor Hyde and his staff created a comfortable environment. I decided to go through with the procedure. It was a quick and manageable and I was able to carry on through the rest of my day. I had amazing results and now no longer have to deal with embarrassing and unsightly veins. I only wish I had known about his practice earlier so I wouldn’t have had to endure several years with these hideous spider veins.”
Claire R., Walnut Creek, CA

“As medical director of Renu Laser Spa in Dublin, CA, our staff is frequently asked about unsightly varicose veins. Since we don’t treat them we needed a local expert who we could refer patients to for care. Dr. Hyde has been serving our patients for over 7 years. They return sharing praises about how their legs look so much better and it was easier then they thought. They also remark how medical technology has made this possible with minimal traces of the procedure (so different than old fashioned vein stripping). I can attest to his professionalism and refer to him without any reservations. (I have no conflicts of interest)”
Scott K., Fremont, CA

“Went to Elite Vein Specialists and Dr. Hyde about 3 years ago for a 1 major vein. One treatment and years of pain, long skirts, and long shorts were over. Didn’t love wearing the compression tights but that was the only really painful part. So this week I went and check out his new offices in S.F.(better shopping). I have a few spider veins and after about 15 little needle pricks I am on my way to having my pre 40’ds legs back………..Thanks Dr. Hyde”
Lisa W., Lafayette, CA

“My experience with my procedures from Dr. Hyde has been excellent. Dr. Hyde is an excellent surgeon and is also concerned with the patient welfare and also keeping prices as low as possible. I find his staff wonderful to work with even with numerous rescheduling on my part. The procedures are not completely pain free, but Dr. Hyde made me feel very comfortable and I appreciated being able to drive myself to and from appointments. My results are wonderful, The pain in my legs from varicose veins is gone and I am wearing shorts again for the first time in 10 years!”
Darcie K., Livermore, CA

“I have only positive things to say about Dr. Hyde and his staff at Elite Vein Specialists. I had two larger veins plus small spiders that needed work about 8 years back. What a great experience this was! I live about 2.5 hours away and Dr. Hyde saved me some time by giving me the option to complete the first treatment on the same day that we had our initial consultation. He was very professional and clear on what the process would be. I had to return this year, because I was unable to finish all treatment 8 years ago and I felt it was time to finish the work. I’ve been so happy with my legs! I am a professional dancer and aerialist and can say that I once again feel very proud of my lovely legs!!! Thank you Dr. Hyde!!!”
Tresa H., Nevada City, CA

“As a physician I was able to do some serious research on how best to treat my varicose veins. I knew I did not want to repeat the 3 failed surgical strippings my mom had in her forties. He is medical director of Elite Vein Specialists and all they do is nonsurgical vein treatments. I set up a consult and never mentioned I was a physician. I was very impressed that my consult began exactly on time and his staff was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Dr. Hyde spent about an hour with me which included an ultrasound of both my legs. He obviously is very passionate and experienced with these newer minimally invasive vein treatments. He carefully explained my treatment options and answered all my questions. He recommended endovenous laser ablation which he has been performing for about 9 years. Thankfully, he was also able to get my insurance to cover my procedure. I am about 1 month out from my treatment, which took Dr. Hyde about 1/2 an hour. It was painless and all done with just local anesthesia. It was done at his office at 8am, I walked for 30 minutes after procedure and I was back at my office by 9:30 to see my first patient. I could not be happier with my results. I can now stand or jog pain free with no leg fatique. Dr. Hyde is an true expert in his field and a heck of a nice man!”
Jonathan W., Lafayette, CA

“I have had spider veins and varicose veins for the last 20 years. I was offered nothing from my Kaiser doc and went to see Dr. Hyde. He spent over and hour during the inital consult which included a very extensive ultrasound exam of my legs. He explained in tremendous detail what was going on and how he would treat the problems with my veins. He answered all my questions and told me what he could and could not accomplish. The office was always on time and he was able to get my insurance to cover the treatment for the varicose veins. He treated my ugly spider veins and my leg pain is now gone. Staff was always helpful and Dr. Hyde was very caring. He really know his stuff about how to treat vein problems. He also referred me to a wonderful surgeon for my husband’s shoulder problem. He was always very generous with his time.”
Amy W., Walnut Creek, CA

“Recently completed my treatment with Dr. Nicholas Hyde and the staff at their Walnut Creek office. I had tried laser treatments for my spider veins but was very painful and very poor results. Dr. Hyde’s office offered me a consult or consult and treatment if I so desired. Office was on-time and very professional. Consult was very comprehensive including how treatments and follow-ups would occur. Costs was clearly discussed, not cheap but less than 2 other offices I interviewed. Dr. Hyde answered all my questions and we proceeded with injection session. Little achy for about 1/2 a day but not terrible. Second sessions 5 weeks later and wow huge improvement. It helps to see the initial photos to really appreciate how much better my legs now look. Very satisfied with my results, especially like that all treatments were performed by physician not by his staff. I recommended 2 girlfriends and they both had very positive experiences.”
Ella H., Concord, CA

Patient Testimonials

“I thought leg pain was part of aging. I was very pleasantly surprised to lose my ugly varicose veins, but more importantly my legs, especially after long walks feel so much better.”
D.K. age 63 , San Francisco, CA

“I always hated my hand veins because they reminded me of my grandmother’s hands. Dr. Hyde gave me back the beautiful looking hands I used to have.”
P.Y. age 29, San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Hyde and his staff were outstanding! My endovenous laser procedure was painless and the results fantastic. I only wish I found him sooner.”
L.T., Berkeley, California

“Dr. Hyde was extremely generous with his time and expertise. His comprehensive honest approach surpassed my expectations. I’m delighted with my legs now.”
N.L., Martinez, CA

“After multiple laser and injection treatments with minimal results, Dr. Hyde was the first physician to utilize ultrasound to identify the source of my varicose veins. His approach located all feeding vessels and helped eliminate my vein problems. I could not be happier with my results.”
M.D., Alamo, CA

“Less painful than leg waxing, no downtime, wonderful results!”
J.H., Orinda, CA

“My large ugly varicose veins were gone with one treatment of foam sclerotherapy. I cried because I was so happy that my legs look normal again. I called Dr. Hyde because I was so excited with my results. He and his staff have been just lovely.”
S.B., Lafayette, CA

“Dr. Hyde was the only Board Certified Vein Specialist who was in-network with my insurance company. My legs feel great and his staff made the paperwork a breeze.”
W. P., Piemont, California

“Dr. Hyde is a miracle worker, I had terrible varicose veins on my thighs and calfs, my legs hips and feet constantly hurt, itched and distracted me something terrible while I played racquetball. I used to live on Advil just to be able to go to work after playing a few hard games of racquetball. I cannot express how much this procedure has changed my life and I still have the second half of the procedure to go, what more can I expect if nothing happens I would still be ecstatic. This Dr. is a true professional in every sense of the word I would highly recommend him to anyone who has suffered with true varicose veins anyone who has them knows what I am talking about. I would also like to say that Dr. Hyde is the only Dr. that I have ever met that will give his personal cell phone number to his patients and take the time to make sure you are doing well, this guy is just awesome. I just wish I would have done this procedure 10 years ago. Thanks again for giving me new legs Dr. Hyde.”

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S.B., Lafayette, CA

My large ugly varicose veins were gone with one treatment of foam sclerotherapy. I cried because I was so happy that my legs look normal again. I called Dr. Hyde because I was so excited with my results. He and his staff have been just lovely.

—S.B., Lafayette, CA