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Testimonials | Hear from Actual Vein Treatment Patients

Satisfied patients express their vein treatment experience at Totally Vein.

David W. – Business Owner

For more than 10 years, David suffered with extreme bulging of the veins below the knees, hypersensitivity to touch, broken veins, tissue discoloration and swelling throughout the ankles, soreness in the muscles, heavy, tired feeling in his legs, pain and aching in legs if he stood on them for more than an hour. He tried weight loss, compression stockings, frequent leg elevation, vitamins, and massage. There was no apparent improvement or slowing of the problem. He decided to try the Closure procedure,

Because the treatment made sense to me. It would be minimally invasive and allow me to continue all of the activities that I did prior to the treatment. When I left the doctor’s office, my repaired right leg felt fantastic, free of pain, and remarkably light compared to my untreated left leg. I was immediately aware of how much I had accepted pain in my legs and compensation for the pain. The absence of pain in my repaired leg is so obvious because of the comparison to the leg that was not repaired.

—David W.

Nurse says, “What a relief!”

After years of demanding, “on your feet all day” work as a triage nurse, Jody L. realized that she could no longer ignore the worsening varicose veins that were keeping her awake at night. After meeting Dr. Torpy and learning about his leading-edge procedures, Jody had one leg treated and went right back a week later to have the other one done.

I went to bed every night with my legs throbbing,” she says. “I started wearing support hose to bed in an effort to reduce the discomfort. I was trying to avoid what I thought would be an invasive surgical procedure, followed by a long recovery, to have the ropey veins removed.

What a relief!” she says. “I was back to work the day after each procedure, and my legs continue to improve every day.


Connie K. – Third Grade Teacher

Nineteen years ago I had my veins stripped. I was in the hospital for a week, wrapped and bandaged, then off my feet for another three weeks. Dr. Torpy treated my right leg with Venefit. I experienced no pain afterwards. I found that incredible in comparison with my previous experience. I had no scarring. It’s incredible, absolutely incredible. I’m looking forward to wearing a skirt this summer.

—Connie K.

Brad G. – Marketing Director

Over the last three to four years I had experienced discomfort in my left leg, including aching, swelling, itching, hair loss, skin discolorations and sores. I had the Venefit procedure done in December.

I can say the procedure was nearly painless. I walked out of the office and went Christmas shopping the next day. Most dramatically, my lower leg stopped swelling even after a full day on my feet. Now about twelve weeks later, the skin discolorations and vein protrusions have almost vanished and the hair has grown back where before there was none. I can hardly tell that I ever had a vein problem.

—Brad G.

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S.B., Lafayette, CA

My large ugly varicose veins were gone with one treatment of foam sclerotherapy. I cried because I was so happy that my legs look normal again. I called Dr. Hyde because I was so excited with my results. He and his staff have been just lovely.

—S.B., Lafayette, CA