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Welcome to Elite Vein Specialists, the Varicose Vein Center of Excellence.

We are on the cutting edge of medical and aesthetic vein treatment technology. Whether vein disease has left you with painful symptoms or cosmetic concerns, Elite Vein Specialists is dedicated to improving your vascular health and helping you achieve desired results.

From scheduling your appointment to following up after your procedure, our top priority is giving you outstanding patient care. Dr. Hyde and his staff are experienced in providing individualized, minimally invasive vein care in a friendly, comfortable setting. Dr. Hyde uses advanced techniques of endogenous thermal ablation, a nonsurgical alternative to stripping and ligation, which have no downtime and over a 98% success rate following the first treatment. His methods have been featured on ABC News’ Health Watch, where he treated local patients who suffered from large, painful varicose veins.

If you are tired of living with unsightly, uncomfortable varicose or spider veins, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Our innovative treatments will give you the beautiful legs you deserve.

Our Promise To You

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At Elite Vein Specialists, we promise first-rate patient care. Our top priority is to ensure that your legs look and feel great. Our warm and supportive staff dedicates the time and consideration necessary to provide you with the best possible vein treatment. After your appointments, we promptly follow up and ensure your satisfaction and healthy recovery.

In addition to excellent clinical care, we strive to return phone calls in a timely manner and provide you with punctual appointments, because we understand that you have a busy schedule and value your every minute. At Elite Vein Specialists we treat all types of legs, young & old, and his & her legs. But mainly we treat legs like they belong to our friends and family.

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