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Seven Questions You Should Ask

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New patients considering therapy for their spider or varicose veins should ask the following crucial questions before choosing a treatment facility.

These seven questions will hopefully provide patients with the necessary information to help them receive high-quality, comprehensive care for their vein problems. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, the results may surprise you!


      Does the treating physician specialize in Vein Disorder Medicine or is this something they occasionally dabble with on the side?


      Does an M.D. personally evaluate, diagnose, perform treatments, and provide follow-up care?


      Does a non-physician ancillary staff member perform injections or laser treatments without the patient even being evaluated by the physician?


      Are treatment options offered and fully discussed or does every patient get identical non-individualized care?


      Does the facility have the proper diagnostic equipment to treat complex and simple vein problems properly?


      Does the facility treat what they see on the skin or do they carefully evaluate for the underlying cause? (i.e., feeding vessels with advanced diagnostic equipment like Veinlites or Colorflow duplex ultrasound machines)


      Is the Physician Board Certified in Phlebology?

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